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The Housewife Credit2



At least then was failed, if the spouse has not given his consent. Instead of self-earned money, the housewife, who was reduced to work in the household, was entitled to a “fair amount” of household allowance. For this “pocket money” of course, the man came up, because he was the breadwinner. And what did the housewife do if this budget money was not enough? Then she could get a small loan named after her at the bank. Provided the husband gave the bank his consent and a guarantee in the form of a guarantee.

The Housewife Credit – a relic from the past

The Housewife Credit is thus closely linked to a family portrait that one no longer sees or only rarely sees today. Spouses have long been earning their own money on equal terms. Although women still earn less and often find it difficult to find a full-time job again, especially after a break from work. The housewife loan is still there in its form, but it means differently. This has of course also expanded the target group. And so today’s home-based credit is not just for the lower-earning spouse, regardless of gender, but potentially for low-wage earners of all stripes.

The Housewife Credit at that time the housewife loan today

The Housewife Credit - a relic from the past

In the past, the Housewife Loan was actually designed exclusively for housewives. Nowadays, under certain conditions, apprentices, single parents, jobseekers, pensioners or students can apply for a so-called homemaker credit.

This is basically the only feature of housewife credit that has been subject to change over time. Because the formalities and conditions have not become less. Rather, the requirements to be granted a housewife credit have become more restrictive. Because if you give a loan to a person without a steady or low income , you are taking a relatively big risk. To minimize this risk, financial institutions have various options.

The guarantee of the earning partner, a solvent friend or relative is still obligatory in a housewife loan. Especially if the applicant receives social benefits or falls below a certain minimum income. Trainees are an exception here because the existing training contract is accepted by some banks as collateral. Pensioners, mini-jobbers or the unemployed, however, need a guarantor with a proven income from a reputable bank.

Other requirements for the approval of a housewife credit are a German residence and the age of majority.

How useful is a housewife loan really?

 How useful is a housewife loan really? Although housewife loans are still awarded, they are as a product actually unattractive for the targeted audience. On the one hand, this is due to the required guarantee . On the other hand, it is due to the other risk minimization measures taken by credit institutions. These include, for example, the effective annual interest on a housewife loan . This is usually higher than other installment loans. In addition, the low monthly installments to serve the housewife loan result in a longer term. Depending on the amount of credit approved, a home-based loan will become unnecessarily expensive and tedious. A mini or micro loan , possibly also as an instant option, can be a more efficient and effective alternative.


Tips for a Cheap Loan

Anyone who earns a loan wants to earn it – that’s the simple rule in the credit system. The merit of a loan depends on the amount of the premium as part of the repayment, generally known as interest. So, from this it can be concluded that the lower the interest rate, the cheaper the loan will be. By law, interest rates are limited, which already significantly limits the earnings framework of a bank. But even within these legal regulations, borrowers have certain options to influence the determination of the individual interest rate on their own credit.

Interest on loans: Economic aspects and financial situation crucial

Interest on loans: Economic aspects and financial situation crucial

Basically, when it comes to a loan, the bank wants to make money by lending it, and this is the main reason for setting an interest rate. However, the interest rate also serves, to some extent, the need for credit security at the bank. And just under this aspect, an interest rate can be influenced indirectly for your own benefit. In particular, one’s own economic aspects as well as one’s own financial situation are of importance with which one can influence the so-called risk premium in the interest rate in his favor. Below are 5 tips for a cheap loan summarized for you:

1.) Good credit is a prerequisite

1.) Good credit is a prerequisite

One of the main criteria in determining the interest rate on a loan is the so-called credit rating. The important thing is to recognize that there is the credit-based interest rate on loans. That is, the worse the credit rating, the higher the risk of default, the higher the interest rate, which in this case acts as a type of loan loss insurance. In other words, the better your own credit rating, the more likely it is to get a very favorable interest rate on your own loan.

It is therefore important to always keep an eye on one’s own credit rating. The most important element for this is the requirement of the own Schufa information, which can be requested once a year for free at the SCHUFA (protection association for general credit protection). This self-report gives you an overview of your credit score and the entries made at SCHUFA. If incorrect information is stored, you should have it deleted if possible.

In addition, especially in the project of borrowing the following rule applies: Inquiries at various banks for a loan should always “Schufa-neutral” (conditions query) done, otherwise entries are made in the own SCHUFA and thus adversely affect the credit score, without it ever came to the conclusion of a loan.

2.) Choose the right repayment term

2.) Choose the right repayment term

Credit debt should be paid as soon as possible and not burden your household budget for a long time. However, it is also true that excessive loan installments due to short-term maturities are also dangerous. So before you take out a loan, your own budget planning should be created as a basis. So the question is

“How much credit can I actually afford over what time period?”

So first, all expenses should be compared to revenues. The difference represents the maximum possible loan installment per month. However, here too, a safety buffer must be included in order to remain financially flexible in the event of unforeseen and, above all, unplanned events that require financial flexibility. The amount and duration of the desired loan should be chosen in a realistic relation to the monthly available budget as well as a financial planning certainty over a period x.

Helpful and recommendable is the use of a loan calculator, which allows you to get an impression of how high the monthly installments for the desired loan can be. In the credit comparison, also vary the loan amount and the term. This gives you an accurate picture of which loan is best for you.

3.) Is the loan earmarked or not?

3.) Is the loan earmarked or not?

Classic installment loans are often granted without need for indication of purpose of use. However, the resulting freedom to use the loan is often provided with an interest premium. However, anyone who is aware of what is to be used for the desired loan, may well from this capital in the form of a discounted interest rate beat. The classic example here is the car loan. With such a loan, the risk of default is NOT offset by an interest charge, but by the car being considered as collateral for the bank. If, as a borrower, you are unable to pay the loan installments, the bank has the right to sell the car and use the purchase amount to repay the loan. For banks, the risk here is therefore not quite so high, which is why they often offer cheaper lending rates for loans with purpose.

4.) loaded Schufa? Then specify guarantor


As already mentioned at the beginning, the creditworthiness of the borrower plays a not insignificant role in the granting of loans or the determination of credit conditions. If your own credit rating is charged, these loan conditions automatically worsen. However, one can counteract by offering the bank a solvent loan guarantee when borrowing. Because for the Bak, a guarantor provides increased protection against a loan default. A security that rewards the bank on the one hand with a higher chance of obtaining a loan, but also with an often, significant improvement in credit conditions.

5.) necessarily compare offers for a loan

5.) necessarily compare offers for a loan

Last but not least. Differences in numerous loan offers are commonplace. Which means that a credit that looks cheap at first glance may not really be the cheapest. Especially the internet offers numerous possibilities for a credit comparison – also schufa neutral. With a few details in a loan calculator you get numerous loan offers from different banks at a glance. In this way, they can use the results from a loan calculator to gain a first comprehensive overview and, based on the credit comparison, make an initial decision on the extent to which their loan project can be realized on which terms.



Help getting out of payday loan debt -The advantages of debt consolidation

Are loans for consolidation of debts to protesters and bad payers possible? To avoid household over-indebtedness, a financial instrument known as debt consolidation has been introduced by the Italian State for some years now, which makes it possible to simplify the life of the debtor, preventing it from getting lost among too many bills and loans to be repaid all together, arriving at don’t make it later this month. But when you are protested and bad payers, as is known, access to credit is restricted due to negative reports in the appropriate registers consulted by banks and financial institutions, so it becomes more complicated to access this type of loan: fortunately there are several credit institutions that provide debt consolidation to protestors and bad payers thanks to the salary assignment, so that at least those with a paycheck or a social security check can access this financial product, having a bank the certainty of a direct deduction on salary or retirement. Let’s see in detail what is debt consolidation and how it works, investigating specifically the version for the reported end-to-end knowledge companies or the Register of Protests.

The advantages of debt consolidation

What is debt consolidation

Debt consolidation was introduced by Italian law in order to avoid excessive indebtedness on the part of Italian families due to the economic crisis, presenting itself as a particular type of financing: in fact, through debt consolidation, a user it can combine all the loans in progress into a single installment to be paid to the company that delivers this product, with a lower monthly amount and longer payback times, making the overall repayment more sustainable.

Loans for consolidation of debts to protesters and bad payers envisage the repayment method, not the classic bulletins but the assignment of the fifth, or a direct withholding of the repayment installment on salary or social security check, for a maximum amount of the installment that cannot exceed one-fifth of the total revenue received.

There are several advantages to consolidating debts, which we would like to briefly illustrate in order to understand the convenience of this product, where it could also be provided to protesters or bad payers:

  • One installment for all funding
  • Longer amortization period
  • Installment amount lower than the sum thereof
  • The possibility of obtaining additional liquidity
  • Sustainable interest rate

The consolidation of debts at can, therefore, be the ideal tool to settle the accumulated debts.

The requirements to request it

Generally speaking, the loan for debt consolidation can be requested by all natural and legal persons who already hold loans and mortgages, thus including any category of subjects who are in a sustainable or guaranteed income condition: public and private employees, pensioners, workers self-employed and freelancers. The documentation to be presented is the standard documentation required for the provision of any financing.

  • Copy of identity document
  • Tax code or health card
  • Income document
  • Any other additional documentation may be requested during the preliminary phase

But at least in theory, one of the determining factors for the approval of the loan application is that the applicant does not have to report against him as a bad payer. Let’s talk about theory because then on the market there are credit institutions and financial companies that allow the disbursement of loan consolidation debts to bad payers and protested by the assignment of the fifth: they are not very many, but it is worth to request it if you are an employee or a pensioner to simplify his debt position.

How to get debt consolidation from self?

How to get debt consolidation from self?

As we have seen, the debt consolidation loan to be granted must present some factors that do not affect the amortization of the loan: the ratio between the applicant’s income and the installment must be sustainable, and there must be no reports as a bad payer, to quote the conditions deemed most important by market operators. The second criterion can be circumvented by an employee or a pensioner having the guarantee of the paycheck and of the social security check to ask for a fifth of salary as a method of repayment, but how can a bad independent payer get a debt consolidation? Generally a finance company

may request the presence of a guarantor as protection against possible insolvency, however this eventuality, for those who have an income not from dependent employment, and is reported as protested or bad payer, becomes extremely difficult to put into practice, if not impossible: we can to affirm with a fair degree of certainty that a protestor or bad payer cannot access debt consolidation.

The financing contract

The financing contract

If you are able to obtain a debt consolidation loan with a salary-backed loan from protesters or bad payers, the loan agreement that you must sign must contain these distinctive elements:

  • Indicative data of the funding body
  • Amount of the loan
  • Number of installments, amount and deadlines
  • Interest rates applied (TAN and APR)
  • How the APR is calculated
  • General financial conditions (including default rate)
  • Delivery mode
  • Any guarantees required
  • Any insurance coverage

How the fifth sale request works

Therefore the consolidation of debts for protesters and bad payers can be paid only through the sale of the fifth: how does this method of repayment work from a documentary point of view? In the case of the public or private employee, from the documentation point of view nothing needs to be done, since the financial company itself informs the employer that the employee has requested the financing, there is no need for any authorization since the employer is obliged in this case to withhold the fifth transferable salary and pay it to the credit institution.

A little differently it works for the pensioner, who must bring into the branch the transferable fifth communication issued by the pension institution, or INPS: we remind that by law the pensioner who requests the assignment of the fifth, in addition to having to take out a life insurance policy to protect credit, it must receive a social security check net of the transferable portion which cannot fall below a minimum survival threshold calculated each year by the State, whose amount is just over 500 euros net monthly.

Debt consolidation with a financial institution: should debtors be notified?

Debt consolidation with a financial institution: should debtors be notified?

A question that many will certainly be asking is whether, once debt consolidation funding has been requested and obtained, it is necessary to notify the other companies with which loans or mortgages are in progress: the answer is absolutely not, think about doing all the lender through which you got the debt consolidation loan. But it is very important to provide the aforementioned credit institution with all the documents relating to the loans to be extinguished, in particular, the extinguishing statements, ie the calculations of the residual debt that must be repaid to the original creditors: these counts play a decisive role in determining the amount of the loan to be granted for consolidation.

Are interest rates cheap?

When we talk about the sustainability of debt consolidation interest rates obviously we have to take into account the previous debt situation: the TAN, the Annual Nominal Rate that identifies the interest applied to the borrowed money, and above all the APR, the Annual Global Effective Rate comprising all the expenses and costs related to financing are on average lower in normal loans, but in debt consolidation we have a sum of two or more loans, it should be remembered: moreover if we talk about loans for consolidation debts to protesters and bad payers it is plausible that it can there is a higher rate, as happens for every type of financial product reserved for this delicate category of subjects, due to the greater risk of insolvency. Anyhow it is always good to have several quotes available to compare financial rates and conditions and consider applying to the financial company that offers the most suitable financing offer for your needs.

Examples of debt consolidation

Let us now try to make a certainly non-exhaustive series of examples of debt consolidation available on the Italian financial market, bearing in mind that the figures shown are of a generic nature and that in the event of consolidation debts with the sale of the fifth for protesters and bad payers, financial rates and conditions they could change.

Onecredit debt consolidation

With more funding in progress, employees can apply for a Onecredit bad payer loan as debt consolidation, always through the sale of the fifth: the proposed product is called Credit Master Compact, through which you can request from 2,000 to 50,000 euros for a duration that varies from 36 to 120 months, again at a fixed rate for the TAN, at 10.20 percent, while the APR can reach a maximum of 12.37 percent. And so with these financial conditions, we can have for example 15,000 euros with an amortization plan in 84 months, thus having a monthly amortization rate of 253.08 euros, at a fixed rate as we said at 10.20%, while the APR in the example shown here will be at 11.13 percent.

Financialor debt consolidation

Another example of debt consolidation proposed to protesters and bad payers with the sale of the fifth are Unika, one of the possibilities of Financialor bad payers loan that provides financeable amounts from 3,000 to 30,000 euros, and amortization plans between 24 and 84 months. The maximum fixed TAN is 10.40 percent, while the maximum APR can reach 16.91 percent. For example by requesting between new capital and residual debt to be paid € 20,000 with an amortization plan in 84 months, you can repay the amount due with a monthly payment of € 323.98, with a fixed rate of 8.90 %, while the APR will be set at 9.99% including preliminary investigation fees.

Debt consolidation with Cleopar

Finally, we propose a third example of debt consolidation that should be provided without problems even to protesters and bad payers with the sale of the fifth, and it is the Cleopar Uno loan, which offers customized solutions for amounts up to 30,000 euros. We do not have more detailed information regarding interest rates, but we can for example say that from the point of view of depreciation reimbursement can be made by automatic debit in bank or postal current account, in addition to the bills to be reimbursed in the paying authorized branches, in supermarkets of large retail chains, at post offices or in all other enabled exercises.

Obviously the protesters and bad payers can request the debt consolidation exclusively with the assignment of the fifth, having to offer the guarantee of the pay slip or pension slip.


Consolidation is certainly a very useful tool to prevent debt situations that may lead the subject to be registered in the end-to-end knowledge company register of bad payers or to suffer a protest for unpaid checks and unenhanced bills. But what happens when you are already reported as protesters or bad payers? Access to credit inevitably becomes more complicated, but loans for consolidation of debts with the sale of salary allow us to obtain the necessary liquidity and see the time for amortization extended, thus having a more sustainable installment.

The ideal would be to manage to get rid of the records, so as to be able to access the credit with greater tranquility and ease, but unfortunately often the paradox that is recorded in the financial system is that those who would have greater need of a loaned capital fail to obtain it for lack of guarantees. Self-employed workers and self-employed professionals who normally have access to debt consolidation, unfortunately, cannot be granted financing in a reporting situation as bad payers, and to our knowledge even with the presence of a guarantor this type of financing is accepted: for these categories of subjects do not just have to try alternative ways of financing, such as loans with bills, small loans or loans with a mortgage on the house or alternative guarantee income, with all the difficulties of the case to be taken into account in obtaining a positive outcome to the request.

The Loan Credit is Increasing Every Single Day

No money in the bag and still vigorously indulge in consumption. A situation that according to recent polls and statistics applies to German citizens. So there are fewer and fewer Germans, which according to statistics can be described as really debt-free. So has borrowing finally arrived in society? It seems so, because life on the pump has taken on a dynamic that one can well and like to conclude that the existence of one or even more loans per household quite a certain matter of course.

Figures show growth in loans for households

Figures show growth in loans for households

If one looks at the results of surveys, one thing stands out very clearly: The amount of credit drawn per citizen has been rising steadily for years, as the following list shows:

  • 2015 € 9,552.00
  • 2016 at 10.225,00 €
  • 2017 at 10.272,00 €.

And even for 2018, a renewed increase is expected. Promoted solely by the fact that interest rates on installment loans have been lower than ever before and that the market has also been “fueled” by numerous negative credit campaigns.

Older people are more heavily indebted than younger citizens

Another striking feature when looking at a large number of statistics is the fact that older people, especially the age group of 50-54 years, have the highest level of indebtedness due to current loans . The burden of loans within this age group averaged € 11,784.00 in 2017.

In comparison, the age group of 18 to 21-year-old debt is virtually negligible, because here was the financial burden of loans in 2017 just € 4.334. And certainly one reason for this is that banks are less willing to grant large amounts of credit, especially among younger applicants.

Are the Germans debt kings through loans?

 Are the Germans debt kings through loans?

Are the German citizens debt kings? Do you fall too fast the temptations of the numerous cheap loan offers in the market? Are they even irresponsible in dealing with installment loans, Dispo and Co.? Not at all, because, apart from regional deviations, German borrowers are fully aware of their financial responsibility, which results from their loans. After all, an impressive 97% of all German borrowers know exactly how much they owe their bank. This places German borrowers at the top of the list in European comparison. What remains to be concluded: As long as you realize that the inclusion of a loan is also associated with the obligation of a reliable eradication, at least from this point, everything is fine.




Quick Payday Loans

 Quick loan services

More and more companies are offering quick and easy payday loans in with success.

Undoubtedly, fast online payday loans are here to stay and it is not surprising that more and more users prefer them over traditional loans because they represent one of the fastest and most efficient alternatives to borrow money.

The facilities in the application process, the flexibility of requirements, the immediacy and efficiency, are some of the characteristics that make them so attractive.


Quick loan services

We offers quick credit services, which are distinguished from the other companies by their strength and experience and the amounts offered by the loan.

We are one of the few companies that offers the possibility of requesting up to $ 25,000 pesos on loan, available to its recurring clients.

For example, if you are a new customer loans, you can request up to 5,000, to pay in a period of up to 30 days, if you manage to pay it in time for your second and third application can reach up to $ 4,500, with the same time limit of return of payment.

Once you have been able to pay your third paperless fast loan without time , your fourth application can be more than $ 5,000 and with a maximum of 45 days to pay it.

Finally, your sixth request could amount up to $ 25,000 with the same maximum time of return of the payment, that is, 45 days.

It is important to note the importance of timely payment of quick loans to enjoy the gradual increase in your application.


Requirements for fast loans

Requirements for fast loans

Like the other fast credit companies, the requirements that we requires are minimal: have a minimum of 21 years, have a bank account and personal account statement whether it is payroll or savings, have a credit history healthy, have your national identification (INE / IFE) up to date, as well as have a mobile phone.

Unlike other fast-loan companies, having an email is not an essential requirement to be able to enjoy the benefits of our loans.


Advantages of fast payday loans

  • Speed ​​of response, once the request is received within a period of only two hours you may have a response and in less than 24 hours the money in your bank account.
  • You can make the request either from your mobile device or on a computer.
  • Fixed rate of loan fees.
  • Easy and simple registration form to fill out.

These are some of the other advantages in the use of this fast loan provider, but remember, make responsible use of these loans, do it if you are really in the ability to return the payment on time and thus avoid any subsequent inconvenience.